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Signs you need foundation piers:

· Cracks in your homes drywall

· Cracks in the exterior foundation

· Your doors or windows do not open and shut properly

· Gaps between your crown molding and ceiling

· Cracks in your tile floor


Exterior Drainage

Signs you need exterior drainage:

· Standing water near your foundation wall

· Settlement cracks in your foundation

· Movement of mulch/rock/soil near your foundation wall

· Water pooling from the gutters above

· Flaking or deposits on walls


Interior Drainage/Sump Pump

Signs you need interior drainage:

· Water is intruding where the floor and wall meet

· Settlement cracks in your foundation

· Water pooling in your basement

· Mold: moldy wooden studs/moldy drywall/ moldy wooden paneling/ moldy carpet


Wall Pushback

Signs your basement foundation walls need to be pushed back to plumb:

· Settlement cracks in concrete foundation

· Top of the basement wall is not flush with sill plate


Crack Injections

Signs you need crack injections:

· Settlement cracks in your concrete foundation

· Water intruding from the cracks in your concrete foundation walls

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Wall Supports

Signs you need wall supports:

· Your foundation wall is moving inward

· You have horizontal and sometimes vertical cracking in your foundation wall

· Your foundation wall is bowing in the middle

· Your foundation wall is not even with the sill plate

Lawn Care

  • Grass Cutting

  • Weed Eating

  • Yard Grading

  • Tree Trimming

Power Washing

  • Power washing driveways, siding, decks, fences, etc.



Kat and Dalton Major started Major Foundation Repair, LLC with the goal of building a successful company following the footsteps of Julie Hughes and Jeff Hughes (Mother and Stepfather of Kat), owner of JH Restoration/Precast, LLC a successful foundation company. Kat and Dalton have been living a part-time distance relationship from the moment they met in 2018 and got married on October 22, 2022. Following the marriage, Kat and Dalton are expecting a baby boy in September 2023 and cannot wait to bring the little man into a loving home. Kat and Dalton's main goal is to help people live comfortably in their homes. A homes foundation is extremely important and with their professional knowledge of a homes foundation, the Major Foundation Repair, LLC's team members, can ensure to always satisfy your foundation needs. Being a small family-owned business, we strive to promote wonderful communication, flexibility, understanding, foundation expertise, and the drive to address your foundation concerns.




Contact Info

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please feel free to reach out at any time:

Kat's Telephone: 816-510-9721

Dalton's Telephone: 815-916-7010


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